The return of MICE Events in Singapore since the reopening of the industry has not only seen the coming together of communities, but the introduction of new innovation that elevates and transforms the event experience of attendees. Event organisers are constantly exploring ways to make their event experiences more engaging and seamless.

One of the events in Singapore that has experimented new innovation is the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) Spotlight 2023 which was held on 4-6 June 2023 at Paradox Singapore, Merchant Court at Clarke Quay.

The event organisers partnered with Occam Lab, a local event technology company, to roll out its SmartOne solution during the SIWW Spotlight 2023. SmartOne is a seamless and intuitive system that simplifies attendees’ journey from registration to networking and even provides organiser with real-time event and attendee data.

Ryan Yuen, Managing Director, Singapore International Water Week, said, “Occam Lab’s SmartOne solution was very timely as we conceptualised and rolled out our plans for SIWW Spotlight 2023. The SmartOne tokens met a yet unaddressed need within the MICE industry to integrate multiple user touchpoints and data analytics into one simple and efficient solution.

“SIWW is constantly on the lookout for cutting edge technologies and solutions that enhance the user experience, as well as furnish us with additional knowledge about our delegates, so that we can continuously make SIWW an event that meets attendees ever-evolving needs. Occam’s SmartOne solution allowed us to do this, and such integrated technological solutions raise the standards across the MICE industry in Singapore,” he added.

Event registration

By offering a robust, contactless check-in and registration process, the solution aims to eliminate the hassles and long queues that often characterise event entry. Once onsite, attendees can print their event badges at the self-check-in kiosks seamlessly. After which, attendees can activate their SmartOne event tag which will enable them to access the different networking and engagement features.

Personalised networking

Understanding the importance of personalised networking and connectivity in today’s fast-paced world, the SmartOne solution features personalised digital business cards that facilitate contact exchange among attendees. With the growing demand for more sustainable solutions at events, attendees can now easily connect and share information without the need for traditional business cards while fostering meaningful connections and networking seamlessly.

Real time data of session occupancy and retention

One of the challenges event organisers face is collecting real time data and insights to deliver a seamless event experience for all attendees. Manual attendance tracking and access control can be time-consuming and prone to errors. SmartOne allows event organisers to automate these processes, providing real-time insights into ballroom occupancy and session retention. This enables organisers to make informed decisions and customise engagements on the spot based on the real time data from the event.

Audience engagement

The live-poll feature of SmartOne offers an engaging and interactive element to conferences. Through the button found on the event tag, attendees can actively participate in real-time polls, providing feedback and insights on session topics and event content. This feature not only fosters attendee engagement, it transforms passive attendees into active contributors, enhancing the overall event experience.

Upcoming features

SmartOne’s product roadmap includes a dynamic dashboard that visually identifies areas with low delegate density, enabling timely on-demand activation strategies. Furthermore, SmartOne’s upcoming features will offer delegates tailored lists of exhibition booths aligned with their registered interests or inferred preferences. For exhibitors, SmartOne will provide lead prioritization lists based on delegates’ booth visit durations, streamlining post-event follow-ups and maximizing conversion rates. These enhancements amplify SmartOne’s commitment to elevating event experiences and fostering profitable engagements for both organizers and exhibitors.

Ng Zheng Jie, Chief, Technology, Occam Lab Pte Ltd, said, “To create more meaningful and memorable MICE events, innovation is the key to elevating attendee experiences and empowering event organisers. Occam Lab created SmartOne to seamlessly integrate technology into every aspect of the event journey, from registration, discovery and making connections.

“SmartOne changes the way events are held. With the data collected, we are able to provide deep insights, enabling event organisers to make informed decisions on session engagement, resource allocation, and more, delivering a superior event experience,” he added.

Stay tuned for more MICE Innovation Spotlight features. If you have an innovation or solution you would like to share, please reach out to us at [email protected].