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To provide the MICE industry in Singapore guidance in managing the carbon footprint of events and align with national sustainability targets, SACEOS and the Singapore Standards Council (SSC), which is overseen by Enterprise Singapore, have published the Workshop Agreement (WA) 4 Sustainable MICE – Guidelines for carbon emissions management.
The standard complements the  launched earlier this year and was developed in close collaboration with public and private stakeholders across the MICE value chain. WA 4 covers the following:
• Guidelines and best practices for the measurement, reduction, calculation, verification and offset of carbon emissions for MICE events.
• Provides an emissions reporting template that MICE players can reference. Refer to  for more information.
To build carbon management capabilities among MICE stakeholders, SACEOS will be running its first MICE Carbon Management Guidelines workshop based on WA 4 in the coming months. The workshop will promote awareness and provide guidance to reduce carbon footprint by each stakeholder. Check the  for latest updates.
Physical and e-copies of the WAs are available for purchase on the .
They will also be available for free viewing via the Multimedia Stations at the public libraries and Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. Print copies of the Singapore Standards collection are also housed at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library.