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Happy Global Exhibitions Day!

As a proud supporter of Global Exhibitions Day, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this important day for the MICE and Exhibitions industry than doing our part to keep our environment green and clean.

SACEOS members gathered for a meaningful time of beach cleanup at East Coast Park in Singapore yesterday. More than just keeping our environment clean, it reminded us that as our industry continues to run the meeting places and marketplaces for everyone, we have a responsibility in doing so in a sustainable way. 

Richard Ireland, President, SACEOS, said “As the MICE industry in Singapore and globally continues to bring more communities together at our events and exhibitions, sustainability has become the heart of everything we do.

“This year’s Global Exhibitions Day not only underscores the pivotal role of business events in driving economic growth and social benefits, it also unites the industry in reducing our environmental footprint and chart towards a more sustainable future together. We look forward to partnering with our industry and government agencies to position Singapore as one of the most sustainable MICE destinations in Asia Pacific.”

At SACEOS, we are more committed than ever to empower our members and industry players in their sustainability journey through various initiatives such as the MICE Sustainability RoadmapWaste & Carbon Management Guidelines and workshops.

Learn more about our Sustainability initiatives and programmes here.