Are you looking for a rewarding, fulfilling and balanced career? Whether you’re a fresh-faced graduate or even a mid-career switcher, there are exciting opportunities for you in the ever-growing and evolving MICE & Events industry!

Here are some reasons why the MICE industry is the place to be!

Personal Growth

In the MICE industry, you’ll be exposed to new technologies, trends, and best practices, constantly expanding your knowledge base and refining your skills.

Variety & Challenge

Say goodbye to routine! The MICE industry offers a vast array of event types, from conferences and exhibitions to trade shows and incentive trips. Each event brings unique challenges and rewards, keeping your workday constantly stimulating. the MICE industry is fast-paced and dynamic, with no two events ever being exactly the same.


Does connecting with people bring you joy? MICE roles often involve building relationships with clients, attendees, and vendors. You’ll get to facilitate connections, see the impact of successful events, and experience the human element firsthand.

Making a difference

If you find satisfaction in creating memorable experiences that bring people together and contribute to their goals, the MICE industry is for you!

Creativity and Innovation

Event planning often requires thinking outside the box and implementing innovative ideas. If you enjoy brainstorming, problem-solving creatively, and making events stand out, you’ll find this aspect truly rewarding.

Global exposure

Depending on your role, you might have the chance to travel to different cities or even countries for events. This opens doors to cultural experiences, professional connections, and networking opportunities on a broader scale.

Rewarding career

Depending on your specific role and skillset, the MICE industry can offer competitive salaries and career progression. 

Discover the exciting opportunities and embark on your dream career in MICE here!

Watch Richard Ireland, CEO of Clarion Events and President of SACEOS, and industry newcomer, Kirstin Lee, Conference Producer of Clarion Events, share their perspectives. Discover what they find most meaningful about their role, common misconceptions about the industry, and understand what keeps them going.