MICE Sustainability Certification


MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC) programme is an initiative by SACEOS. It is recognised that sustainability is the current trend and will be here to stay given the issues we are facing with global warming. SACEOS saw the increase in organisations attempting to practice sustainability, be it in their day to day office operations, or at the events. The results were however mixed. 

To further raise awareness and encourage our industry to practicesustainability, SACEOS formed the Sustainability sub-committee in 2012 and officially launched the MSC programme in July 2016. These were all done to heighten the general awareness of how sustainability can aid to address the issues of global warming, but also how it can further align our businesses with industry trends and as a result, to gain more business. 

Although there is an existing ISO standard for sustainability practices, significant amount of time, manpower and finance resources are required to put through the application. 90% of Singapore’s economy is made up of SMEs and we recognise that it can be a challenging task for them to attain the ISO accreditation. Thus, SACEOS developed the MSC programme to help organisations with limited resources to attain a locally recognised certification for sustainability.

Developed based on the Sustainability Guidelines which was first launched by the Singapore Tourism Board in 2013, the criteria of the MSC programme is aligned with the government’s sustainability plan. Currently SACEOS is offering this certification to local and foreign companies who are organising shows in Singapore in 2 certification tiers – Basic and Intermediate for 9 business sectors in the MICE & Events industry (e.g. Event Technology Providers, Venues, Hotels, Organisers, F&B Caterers, Freight Forwarders, Stand Contractors, Transportation Providers).

For application, applicant has to submit an application form together with a customised submission form which has been individually curated for the 9 business sectors based on the following key components:

  1. Management approach
  2. Waste 
  3. Water
  4. Energy
  5. Community
  6. Human resources

To date, SACEOS has certified four organisations as below.


Globibo Singapore - Basic tier for Event Technology


Marina Bay Sands Singapore - Intermediate tier for Venue


East West Planners Pte Ltd - Basic tier for Event Activity Organiser 


Agility Fairs & Events Logistics Pte Ltd - Basic tier for Freight Forwarder

For more information on the MSC programme, email the Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.