In this week’s #SGSafeEventAmbassador spotlight, we speak to Rachel Ng and along with her team, CDI World Pte Ltd as they share the journey in becoming a certified SG SafeEvent Ambassador and how it will help the events industry provide a sense of assurance.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do 

CDI World is a marketing services group that specialises in brand communication through three dimensional presentations. We design, build and install worldwide. Our work encompasses retail and commercial interiors, exhibition stands, event structures, museum and visitor centre interiors, themed interiors (for restaurants, dealerships, franchised outlets and airport lounges), hotel and conference venue interiors, and purpose made branded display/POS units.

2. What inspired you to become a SG SafeEvent Ambassador 

We want to ensure that clients, delegates, guests and staff will not only be as safe as possible but will feel confident that we are doing everything we can to provide safe environments for them. As a global service centre, we serve international clients. Having well-trained SEAs on our team reassures them that we can provide the highest health and safety standards.           

3. What are the key learnings and skills you picked up from the course and how will it benefit you in your work? 

Understanding all the guidelines and protective measures is naturally the first priority, but the course also emphasises that to implement those successfully SEAs must have excellent service and communication skills. That means, for example, treating attendees, who may have had arduous flights to get here, with empathy and flexibility. These ‘soft skills’ will benefit any customer-facing business.     

4. Why would you encourage others to be a SG SafeEvent Ambassador? 

As the industry continues to make a strong recovery, promoting Singapore as a safe, trusted and innovative MICE hub is a joint effort that all stakeholders can participate in for the common interest. Taking the SG SafeEvent Ambassador course is a great contribution to that effort and, most importantly, to protect people’s health.

If you’re interested in becoming a SG SafeEvent Ambassador, click here to find out more, or contact us at [email protected]