1. How does learning with SACEOS work?

There are 2 types of educational tracks that you can embark on with SACEOS.

These are bite-sized modules that are constantly refreshed and designed to give you an
overview into different topics ranging anything from contract law to technology in MICE.
Our courses allow you to stay updated despite your busy schedule and are typically
collaborations with educational institutes, delivered by professionals in the specific field.

These are professional, certified programmes that are held consistently throughout the year
which will help to advance your career in MICE & Events. They typically run a little longer
than courses, mostly across 3 days and are guided by a team of experts. These programmes
cover a range of knowledge areas and allow you to master industry skills such as project
management, operations, event architecture, bidding techniques, proposals, marketing,
budgeting, etc.

1. How are the courses/programmes delivered?

Currently, all courses/programmes are conducted online via a Zoom classroom. To ensure
the highest level of interaction and collaboration during the lessons, all participants are
required to turn on their cameras.

Certain programmes may also be conducted in a physical classroom. However, this is subject
to class size and safety considerations.

1. Do I earn a certificate after all the courses/programmes?

You will receive a certificate of participation after successfully completing any of the short

You will earn a professional certificate for every successfully completed programme.
Certificates for Foundation programmes are issued by SACEOS while certificates for
International Certification programmes are issued by either the International Association of
Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) or the Events Industry Council (EIC).

1. Can I sign up for multiple courses/programmes at the same time?

Yes, as long as the dates do not overlap, you may apply for multiple courses at the same
time to stay updated on key industry topics. However, for a valuable learning experience, we
recommend that you take these courses individually to ensure maximum retention of

2. What is the recommended order to taking the classes? Am I eligible for all courses offered by SACEOS?

There is no specific order in which you need to attend the courses. We encourage everyone
to take as many courses as possible that interest you. As for programmes, we recommend
that you enroll in P-courses first (i.e. PEvM, PEM, PCM) which will help in clocking
Continuing Education (CE) hours for you to ultimately progress to C-courses (i.e. CEM and
CMP), which require a minimum amount of working experience and accumulated CE hours
as prerequisites.

1. How does the team learning experience differ from individual enrolment?

Learning with your team can help to promote a more creative and collaborative team as
individuals gain more confidence in executing bold ideas that they can bring back to the
office. Compared to enrolling in a course/programme alone, team enrollment encourages
you and your colleagues to push each other out of your comfort zones and share new
perspectives to make the most out of the training.

2. Are there discounts when I enroll as a team with my colleagues?


1. Who can I contact if I encounter any problems during the course/programme?

If you encounter any technical problems during any of the courses, please feel free to
communicate this during the session. A SACEOS representative will always be present
during every course/programme and you may also message him/her privately for help.

2. How can I give feedback on the course/programme that I have attended?

We are always happy to hear from you and find out how we can improve to deliver better
courses/programmes here at SACEOS. After you’ve attended any course/programme, you’ll
receive a link to a specific feedback form via email.

3. I’m having issues with my PCMA/EIC account. Can SACEOS help?

Yes, please send us email at [email protected] detailing your problem for us to
render the appropriate assistance. The email subject title should include “PCMA/EIC
Account Issues”.

4. How do I register for my CMP exam?

For CMP exams, please click here to register directly with the Events Industry Council. If you
are still uncertain, you may contact us at [email protected].

5. What course materials are included?

All course materials will be provided by SACEOS but speaker slides will not be disseminated
unless specified during the course/programme. We’ve also designed our courses to ensure
that no purchase of additional software is required.

1. Are there any discounts available?

As a trade association, we offer different rates for members and non-members. Members of
SACEOS get to enjoy a discount of approximately 20% off the usual rate.

2. Am I eligible for any grants to take the courses/programmes?

The grants available for each course/programme differ. You will be able to find more
information on the specific grant on each individual course/programme page.

3. There was a last-minute change to my schedule and I’m not able to attend the course/programme. Am I eligible for a refund?

Generally, course fees that have been paid are not refundable. If you are not able to attend
a course/programme, you may be able to attend the same course/programme at a later
date, if places are available. However, this is subject to the Executive Director’s approval.


SACEOS also reserves the right to reschedule any course/programme.

4. Can I pay in any other methods aside from cheque, bank draft, telegraphic transfer and PayNow?

Currently we can only accept payment via cheque, bank draft, telegraphic transfer and
Paynow. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any other methods of payment.