The Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced on 8 November 2021 the easing of COVID-19 measures in view of the stabilising situation.
Measures such as an increase of capacity for MICE events and live performances will take effect from 10 November 2021. 
For your convenience, here is the summary of the updated COVID-19 measures:
Social Gatherings
  • Social gatherings are still limited to a maximum of two people and should be kept at one a day, whether to another household or in a public place. 
  • The cap on household visitors remains unchanged at two a day; this does not apply to grandchildren being cared for by grandparents.
MICE events
  • Increase in zone sizes from 50 participants to 100 participants, regardless of event size or format.
  • For events with multiple zones, the spacing between zones has been reduced from the previous 3m to at least 2m. Event organisers must still ensure solid partitions or other physical barriers such as queue poles are used to clearly demarcate these spacing between zones.
  • Where there are unmasked speakers on stage, the distance between the stage and the audience has similarly been reduced from the previous 3m to at least 2m.
  • Coming soon: Resumption of more activities for fully vaccinated, starting with selected MICE and sports events.
Work-related events 
  • Up to 10 allowed to be unmasked at any time in public speaking
  • Must keep at least 2m from audience while speaking unmasked
Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL)
  • From 29 Nov 2021: Singapore and Malaysia to launch VTL between Changi Airport and KL International Airport
  • From 29 Nov 2021: VTLs are also extended to Finland and Sweden
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We are encouraged by the easing of measures which represents a step forward in the reopening of the MICE and Events industry. We will continue working closely with the authorities to support the industry and pave the way for the safe return of MICE events and travel.