With effect from 29 March 2022, Safe Management Measures (SMMs) will be eased as Singapore make further progress towards living with COVID-19.
Measures impacting MICE events include raising of capacity limit for larger events to 75 per cent and no application needed to hold a MICE event. MICE events refer to business-oriented events such as meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions arranged or held in the course of business [3].
Together with the industry, we are greatly encouraged by the major step towards the return of a vibrant industry and will continue to work with the relevant agencies to support the resumption of events in Singapore.
For your convenience we have listed down the updated the SMMs applicable to MICE events. You may also visit Singapore Tourism Board website for the latest updates.
From 29 March 2022:
  • Event Organisers and Event Venues (collectively, EOs) do not need to submit an application to STB and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) to hold a MICE event. i.e. EOs may proceed to organise the MICE events and ensure all SMMs are met.
  • Safe distancing of at least 1 metre between groups of up to 10 participants is required for all mask-off settings e.g. during meals, amongst unmasked speakers.
  • Mask wearing remains mandatory indoors, but not in outdoor settings [1] or where allowed at law (e.g. when engaging in strenuous physical exercise, eating, drinking, etc.).
  • The following event capacity limits apply:
a) Events with ≤1,000 participants* at a time: no capacity limit.  
b) Events with >1,000 participants* at a time: capacity is limited to 75% of the maximum number of individuals specified in the most recent approval under section 55 of the Fire Safety Act 1993, or 75% of the fixed seating for the Event Venue, whichever is the higher [2]. Participants must, as far as is reasonably practicable, be evenly spread out when present in the event venue.
  • Live performances will be permitted.
  • The total capacity at any point in time will include all participants of the event, including exhibitors, media attending the event, speakers, participants’ liaison officers, etc. EO staff and external service providers who are present at the event venue are included.
  • Please refer to the Checklist on Safe Management Measures for MICE events held from 29 March 2022.

Enforcement of Measures

  • STB will conduct enforcement checks to ensure compliance with SMMs. Enforcement action will be taken against the Event Organisers and Event Venues (collectively, EOs) who fail to comply with the necessary SMMs.
  • Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, first-time offenders will face a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment of up to six months, or both. Repeat offenders will face a fine of up to $20,000, imprisonment of up to twelve months, or both. Businesses that are not compliant may be ordered to cease business activities or close altogether. Under the Infectious Diseases (COVID-19 Access Restrictions and Clearance) Regulations 2021, businesses that fail to comply with requirements thereunder will face a fine not exceeding $10,000 and participants that fail to comply will face a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or to both. Businesses that are not compliant may also be ineligible for government grants, loans, tax rebates and other assistance.

For any enquiries, please contact [email protected].

[1] Outdoor settings means any area that is not substantially enclosed in a manner that impedes natural lateral airflow to and from the area, including sheltered walkways, sheltered bus stops and areas under retractable canopies.

*All participants entering or remaining in the event venue must be fully vaccinated. An individual is considered fully vaccinated if he/ she (a) has received the full regimen of a WHO EUL vaccine, or (b) within the 180-day exemption period after recovery from COVID-19. From 14 February 2022, participants resident in Singapore aged 18 years and above and who have completed the primary vaccination series will be considered fully vaccinated for up to 270 days after the last dose of the primary vaccination status. Thereafter, such participants who are eligible for booster vaccination must do so in order to remain fully vaccinated. Refer to for more details on vaccination status.

[2] For example, if the contracted gross floor area can accommodate a maximum of 10,000 participants, the event size will be capped at 7,500 participants (i.e. 75% of 10,000).

[3] (a) to discuss or negotiate matters relating to trade, commerce or finance, professional practice or matters, health, arts, science, technology, industry, economics, industrial relations, security, international affairs, the environment or any other cause or matter, whether or not of a similar kind; (b) to temporarily exhibit or display goods of any kind for the purposes of sale or supply; or (c) to promote the trading of goods or the provision of services. Events held for incentive travel follow the same rules as other MICE events.

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