Sean Pavone / Alamy Stock Photo

The MICE industry in Seoul has received a major boost as The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Convention Bureau have announced a US$2.2 million budget to support the sector which has been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Areas that are covered by the government assistance include technology and equipment to ensure a safe and secure environment for events, such as quarantine services, quarantine gates, and specialised sterilisation equipment.

To transform and enhance event experience for its attendees, funds will also be used for its Experience Tour Program and Seoul VR Experience Booth for groups of 50 or more participants with in-person attendance, provision of necessary PCR tests for travel, as well as digitalisation of exhibitions.

Subventions for attracting, hosting, and organising international conferences – regardless of whether they are in-person or hybrid – will be enhanced, and a 3D virtual MICE platform will be offered free-of-charge to organisers.

For instance, the subventions for attracting international conferences will be doubled, and the maximum subvention for international conferences will also be increased when 20 per cent or more participants attend on-site.