The MICE industry is set to make an even stronger comeback in 2023 and beyond. Is your workforce equipped with the skillsets needed to deliver?
As we look forward to a more robust line-up of events, there is a critical need for MICE businesses to equip both its new and experienced workforce with the capabilities required to deliver the highest standards of events.
SACEOS is the trusted training provider to prepare and empower the MICE workforce through our  catered to both new and experienced professionals.
Moreover, you can receive up to 70% grant on SACEOS courses through the  which supports tourism companies in employee upgrading and leadership development. 
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Why invest in Training with SACEOS?
Our Courses
For new and all MICE professionals:
 Р16-18 Jan, 21-23 Jun, 16-18 Aug
¬†–¬†1- 3 Feb, 7-9 Jun, 16-18 Aug¬†
–¬†7-9 Jun, 15-17 Nov
For MICE professionals with more than 3 years experience
¬†–¬†19 Jan, 19 May, 3 Nov
¬†–¬†15-17 Feb, 25-27 Apr, 2-4 Aug
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Corporate in-house training as well as customised training framework are available. For further enquiries, feel free to contact us at .