In this week’s #SGSafeEventAmbassador spotlight, we speak to Ian Tye, Project Executive of M.I.C.E. Matters Pte Ltd as he shares the journey in becoming a certified SG SafeEvent Ambassador and how it will help the events industry provide a sense of assurance.

1. Tell us a little bit about what you do 

I am involved in the MICE industry but particularly in the incentive & meetings component of MICE. All of my clients are corporate clients and my role is to help organize & execute corporate incentive trips & meetings for them based on their preferred choice of destination. For me particularly, I am hugely involved in the 2 main dinners (welcome & gala/closing dinner) & the team building element of the trip. My job is actually very interesting firstly because every day my work comprises of me dealing with different countries/cities, it’s as good as me planning for my own holiday. Secondly, seizing up what acts are relevant based on the theme of the event/night & country. Thirdly, I get to deal with various acts that always keeps me on my toes because I’m constantly always having to think would this act be suitable for my event when seeing them on Youtube, watching them on Britain’s Got Talent, watching them live at the circus or anywhere really. Lastly, organizing teambuilding that leaves a long-lasting memory of the city & seeing the competitive nature of the people simply puts a big smile on my face.

2. What inspired you to become a SG SafeEvent Ambassador 

As events get harder & harder to organize due to the everchanging environment of the pandemic, it is essential to know the rules & regulations of how we go about organizing & planning a safe event that meets the requirement set by STB. The know how is of outmost importance because at the instance of our clients asking us can we organize a gala dinner or awards night, you’d know exactly what to advise them, especially on the number of people allowed onsite for the event (the question I usually & always get) & just have answers & comments that will reassure your clients that ‘yes! It is actually safe to run an event right now however, we have to keep to these guidelines. Even if I do not have an event running, it always gives me great joy to be a SG SafeEvent Ambassador for other event companies knowing that their event went well & that you were there when the safety protocols were respected. You hold your head high with dignity & integrity that you played a role in ensuring the safety leading up to the success of the event. Any information now regarding safety on how to run an event at such a time is GOLD!

3. What are the key learnings and skills you picked up from the course and how will it benefit you in your work? 

There are many key learning & skills that you will pick up from the course & will directly benefit you in your area of work. No doubt about that! One of the most important key learnings that I took back from going through the course is actually taking control of the whole event. If a company were to run an event and all their staff were awarded with the SG SafeEvent Ambassador, essentially the company does not need to hire anyone external to run their event because the staff would take a more hands-on approach on the development of a safe management plan, they would know how to implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases if it were to emerge, apply the best safety practices at various stages of the event & lastly which is of outmost importance, to maintain positive emotions & manage stressful states because with all the procedures put in place, events are now more stressful than they were previously.

4. Why would you encourage others to be a SG SafeEvent Ambassador? 

I encourage others to take up the course of being a SG SafeEvent Ambassador because you want to be responsible & aware of the constant changes the events/MICE industry is going through at the moment. You want to be in the know for your clients & for yourself so that you have constant updates & the latest safety procedures when asked. You take pride in your job hence you’re inclined to at least be aware of what can be done, what cant be done and what comprises a ‘safe’ event in Singapore at the moment. We’re all in the same industry & we strive towards one goal which is what we love to do & organize various events, so let’s all help each other in the event/MICE industry so that we can emerge out of it stronger!

If you’re interested in becoming a SG SafeEvent Ambassador, click here to find out more, or contact us at [email protected]