Member Spotlight: How INX are reimagining the future of events

Among the many things that the COVID-19 pandemic has deprived us of is the tangible experience of physical events. And as we can all attest to, that experience can never be replicated or replaced by virtual events. For SACEOS member INX Events & Productions Pte Ltd, it has inspired them to reimagine how they can transform and bring the experience to the community.

INX, a brand activation agency, utilised Mobile Advertising Vehicles (MAV) for brand activations and to conduct social care activities such as broadcasting performances to assigned old folks homes. And you might have even spotted one of its MAVs in your neighbourhood. Their recent #igotmyshot activation deployed the MAV trucks to roam around various neighbourhoods to spread awareness for vaccination.

“As a brand activation specialist, we strongly believe that human interactions will never be diminished as we are highly intelligent primates who create complex social structures since our existence. Digital Technology has revolutionized how we interact, optimize communication and disseminate information but it will never fully replace physical experiences in proximity,” shared Joseph Han, Account Manager, INX.

Embracing new skillsets

While the importance of ‘hardware’ such as technology and equipment has been accentuated by the pandemic, the ‘software’ in terms of skillsets will be equally as vital for the MICE and Events industry to thrive in the new normal.

Besides sparking new innovation, the pandemic has also forced the Singapore based company to embrace new skillsets needed for the future of hybrid events.

“This pandemic has taught us to embrace the challenges by taking the leap to learn new skillsets in ensuring we are ever ready in the reopening of events. During this pandemic, INX focuses on upskilling and retraining employees to ensure everyone in the teams is equipped with the necessary skillsets to organise and conceptualise virtual and hybrid event production,” added Han, who is the team lead in INX managing both account servicing and operations teams.

“Every individual is a valuable asset to the company, we value employee’s development and are committed to helping them achieve their career goals. As such, the team gains insights and resources on enhancing innovations and growth in the event industry.”

Readying for the future of hybrid events

The pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities for the MICE community who were forced to adapt to hybrid and virtual models. And the constantly evolving needs of the increasingly digitalised customers and audiences has catalysed the development of innovative hybrid formats that marries both digital and in-person touchpoints.

And INX is among the many industry players who are seizing the opportunity and readying themselves for the new future of hybrid events.

“In order to thrive in a post-Covid world, INX along with many other event organisers have adapted to digital advancement and adjusted protocols for safe business events. We are in the midst of completing our very own INX livestream studio in Sept 2021. The studio will be equipped with professional cameras, lightings and support equipment with fully furnished cosy hospitality/holding rooms for guests and speakers to have a comfortable space for discussion and production shoot.

“What is coming up next for INX – we are finalising some of the solutions with brand managers, commercial venue operators and influencers, do watch out for our next series of Mobile Advertising Vehicles in 2022,” he shared.

Ensuring the safe return of events

Trust and confidence in the safety of events has undoubtedly become the new currency in the global MICE and Events industry. While technology and capabilities will be critical in the success of events, the wellbeing of participants and the community will need to be at the fore of organisers’ priorities.

Having said that, there is a need for MICE players provide a sense of assurance that hygiene benchmarks and safe-distancing best practices are upheld. And INX is among the pioneering group of enterprises in Singapore who have attained the SG SafeEvent Certification which provides them a mark of assurance and to inspire greater consumer confidence.

“As Singapore transits towards COVID resilience, event organisers must implement safe management measures when planning the entire journey of event attendees – before, during and after the event, to ensure their health and safety.

“Besides obtaining the SG SafeEvent certification, event organisers should also refer to the Events Industry Resilience Roadmap formulated by SACEOS, STB and ESG which provides guidance on safe management measures and best practices on implementing and operationalising Safe Business Events framework at events. This is to ensure that hygiene benchmarks and safe-distancing best practices are upheld by the MICE industry as events progressively resume in Singapore,” he added.

Learn more about the SG SafeEvent Certification and how you can prepare for the reopening of safe events here or contact us at [email protected]