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To help you make better sense of the government support and resources available, we’ve put together a list of grants particularly relevant to MICE and Event businesses and workers in these challenging times.


Productivity Solutions

This Enterprise Singapore (ESG) grant helps businesses
fund tech solutions ranging from process automation to
IT equipment to digitisation tools.

The maximum funding support level will be raised to
80% until 31 December 2020. The scope of generic
solutions has been expanded to include tools and
systems for COVID-19 business continuity, which will
help MICE and Events innovate towards virtual and
hybrid events as well as prepare to meet the SafeEvent

• Online collaboration tools
• Virtual meeting and telephony tools
• Queue management systems
• Temperature screening solutions

Enterprise Development

This Enterprise Singapore grant supports up to 80% of
the cost of the projects targeted at helping local
businesses grow and transform. This can benefit MICE
and Events businesses looking to adapt to the “New
Normal” by inventing, innovating, pivoting or
redesigning their core business strategies.

Some examples include:
• Creation of new business model
• Adoption / development of sophisticated hardware
and/or software solutions (e.g. technology for
hybridisation/digitisation of events)
• Development of effective brand and marketing
• Development of technology and products for
• Training workforce on new technology and tools

Specialised Cleaning

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which have
experienced a confirmed COVID-19 case on their
premises can apply for help to defray part of their
disinfection costs under the Specialised Cleaning
Programme, a joint assistance scheme by ESG, NEA
and STB.

Eligible SMEs will receive the following support 50%
of eligible third-party professional cleaning and
disinfection costs, capped at $3,000.

Enhanced Training Support
Package and Enhanced Absentee
Payroll to mitigate COVID-19

This limited-time SkillsFutureSG package is available to
tourism-sector businesses (includes MICE) and arts and
culture businesses (includes arts, entertainment and
recreation) to cover eligible training courses on priority
and emerging skills. Examples include:
• Service innovation
• Quality visitor experience through immersive
• Digital media (art-making and outreach)
• Emerging digital skills

The package covers up to 90% course fees and
Absentee Payroll at 90% of hourly basic salary capped
at $10 per hour, for courses starting before Jan 1, 2021.

Training Industry
Professionals in Tourism

MICE and Events businesses looking to upgrade their
workforce in tourism-related skill sets through certified
courses may apply for this grant, which covers up to
90% of course fees. The grant is also available to
businesses for course development, covering trainer
fees and courseware development.

Business Improvement

Any business embarking on a project with a clear
tourism focus is eligible, e.g. a tourism company or a
tech company developing solutions and products for
tourism business.

SMEs Go Digital

To help SMEs build digital capabilities to sustain
business operations in the COVID-19 crisis, the
enhanced programme includes up to 80% funding for
the adoption of pre-approved digital solutions, which
can be used to implement safe distancing and business
continuity measures such as online collaboration tools,
virtual meetings and telephony tools, temperature
screening equipment and queue management systems.

A payout of up to $5000 is also available to help
businesses adopt digital payment, business process and
e-commerce solutions, with an additional $5,000 for the
adoption of advanced solutions.

Marketing Partnership

Part of STB’s COVID 19 Recovery Plan, this programme
supports the international marketing initiatives of the
MICE sector in Singapore, allowing businesses to
maintain their international presence during the
pandemic. This will help position Singapore as a choice
destination for business events and drive tourist
demand when the market recovers.


SkillsFuture Training

Through this SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) scheme,
self-sponsored individuals wishing to upgrade through
SSG-supported courses can receive funding of up to
90% of course fees.

This includes courses offered by polytechnics and tertiary
institutions on topics such as MICE business strategy,
MICE management, event branding, social media
marketing, and risk management in event planning.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career
Enhanced Subsidy

This subsidy supports Singaporeans aged 40 years and
above who are looking to upskill and reskill, covering up
to 90% of course fees for over 8,000 SSG-supported
courses. This includes full-time and part-time courses
ranging from Nitec to postgraduate level.


Government Support and
Grants for Digitalisation

There are various levels of support and grants from the
Singapore Government that can help MICE and Events
businesses across these areas:
•   Development of Innovative Technology / Product
•   Organising Events in Singapore
•   Upgrade Business Capabilities
•   Venture Overseas


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