As MICE events in Singapore continue to experience a robust recovery since reopening, a key focus is its efforts towards becoming a more sustainable and greener industry.

Now more than ever, the spotlight is on events to be more sustainable and reduce its footprints on our environment. With an evident shift in demand for greener options among customers, event attendees, organisers, venues and suppliers, there is a critical need for the MICE eco-system to come together to chart a roadmap towards a sustainable industry.

SACEOS, in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, are leading the industry’s efforts to chart a MICE Sustainability Roadmap. And the process has been kick-started with the formation of the MICE Sustainability Committee, with clear industry goals to be laid out by the end of the year.

SACEOS and STB organised the MICE Sustainability Workshop on 23 May 2022

Why Now
Part of the wider sustainability objectives of building and showcasing Singapore as a sustainable urban destination in line with Singapore Green Plan 2030, is managing the environmental impact of our industry, improve its social and community engagement footprint.

In addition, customers are demanding and will start to choose events based on sustainability credentials. And importantly, new sustainability approaches enrich our events and open up more partnerships

It’s an opportunity for the industry to act and gear ourselves now. It’s absolutely vital that we do not find ourselves caught off-guard and unprepared like the last 2 years when the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Richard Ireland, SACEOS President, speaking at the Sustainable Tourism Dialogue 2022

The Plan
MICE Sustainability Committee is a partnership between SACEOS and STB. This committee will create a MICE Sustainability Roadmap with clear goals, and will be ready by the end of the year

The aim of the roadmap is to drive standards, measurement, innovation and education for creating green events. The standards will also link into the SACEOS MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC), which was developed in 2016 as part of SACEOS’ early efforts in driving sustainability for the industry.

What next
A suite of standards will be created, starting with waste and carbon, with clear checklists and measurable criteria.

We hope to have these ready by mid next year, with Phase 2 looking at adding on standards for energy and water management, and a concurrent refresh of the SACEOS MSC with a global alignment.

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