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In the ever-dynamic world of events, where the only constant is change, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just advisable – it’s essential for those aiming to dazzle and thrive. If you’re an event planner, marketer, or in the hospitality space, here’s your golden ticket to join innovators and pioneers in the meetings and events industry.

Cvent is rolling out the red carpet for their upcoming event that’s shaping up to be the ultimate playground for industry frontrunners. The annual Cvent Accelerate conference, to be held at Fairmont Singapore on 12 July 2024, is a premier gathering for event planners, marketers, and hospitality professionals, as well as decision-makers driving change within the events industry. This is where the meetings and events ecosystem comes together under one roof to exchange ideas, witness innovation and transform their business.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are five compelling reasons why you shouldn’t miss this premier conference:

  1. Cutting-edge Learning Opportunities

Cvent Accelerate features sessions led by industry leaders who will share the latest trends in the MICE industry. You can look forward to hearing from experts from organisations like the Singapore Tourism Board, FlexxCMO, The Lumiere Consultancy, Trees4Events, Unearthed Productions, and more. These experts will not only share valuable information but also provide actionable knowledge to help you succeed.

Make sure you don’t miss the sessions on:

  • Keynote by Simone Heng: Experience an inspiring keynote from human connection specialist Simone Heng.
  • AI and Events: Demystify AI and discover how it can make your events more impactful than ever.  
  • The Future of Event Tech: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the technologies shaping the future of the meetings and events industry. 
  • Innovative Event Design: Discover creative solutions for making events sustainable, accessible and inclusive.
  1. Success Stories Straight from Industry Veterans

At Cvent Accelerate, you’ll get to hear directly from industry veterans who’ve walked the walk. They’ve faced the same challenges, navigated the ups and downs, and have come out the other side with success stories to tell. These aren’t just abstract theories or distant benchmarks, but real-life experiences from professionals who have effectively manoeuvred the landscape of meetings and events. You’ll gain insights not just into the strategies they used, but also into the practical, on-the-ground realities of applying these strategies.

  1. Extensive Networking Opportunities

This conference provides a unique opportunity for networking with peers from the MICE space, as well as industry experts, tech advocates, and changemakers. Attendees can forge new and lasting connections, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.

  1. Immersive Technological Experience

At this conference, attendees will see for themselves how technology is a great enabler for the MICE industry. Through a guided tour, you will see how Cvent sets up its tech at the event, learn which solutions are best used for different programming elements, and gain valuable insights into event design and production strategy.

That’s not all. Cvent Accelerate also offers a glimpse into the possibilities offered by new and upcoming event tech. From virtual and augmented reality experiences to AI-powered event solutions, you’ll discover the potential of these emerging technology trends.

  1. Focus on Sustainability, Accessibility, and Inclusivity

With brands expected to demonstrate their commitment to social issues, organisations are now putting sustainability, accessibility, and DE&I at the forefront of their brand strategy. Meetings and events are no exception to this. Cvent Accelerate delivers valuable insights on how to implement event design strategies, emphasising the importance of creating events that prioritise positive environmental impact, accessibility, and inclusivity.

In essence, Cvent Accelerate is more than just a conference; it is an educational experience, a networking event, a tech showcase, and a sustainability forum all rolled into one. With industry leaders in attendance, this event offers an unmissable opportunity to shape the future of the events industry.

So go ahead and secure your spot at Cvent Accelerate Singapore!