Any MICE companies with a registered office in Singapore with the exception of the APAC Trade Show of the Year. For entry into the APAC Trade Show of the Year category, companies with a physical presence from the Asia Pacific Region may apply.
The SMA is for all MICE events organised between January 2021 to December 2022.

Admin Fee

There will be an admin fee of SGD350* for SACEOS members and SGD500* for non-SACEOS members for each award entry. The payment must be made before the nomination closing date on 26 May 2023, 5:00PM. Failure to complete the payment process will result in the entry to be removed from the awards submission.
* The preceding 8% GST applies to the fee.

Submission Documents

1. General Submission Documents

All award entries MUST include a write up of no more than 5 pages (A4 size) and a video of no longer than 3 minutes. Please take note that all documents attached to each entry should be in English language. The write-up should be submitted in a PDF format and the video file to be in MP4 format.
Only the first 5 pages of the write-up and 3 minutes of the video will be taken as a submission entry. Companies may include relevant details and information, but not limited to the following:
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Retention of Event
** Submissions must meet all criteria stipulated in this guideline or it will not be redeemed as a valid entry.
2. Category Supporting Documents
Award entries should also be supported, but not limited to the following documentation:
  • Category/Project related photos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Media Coverage
  • Other awards and accolades
  • Any relevant documents that support your entry

Judging Criteria

1. Achievement 

What did your team achieve and what were the measurable results?

What made the achievements exceed expectations?

2. Event Experience/Experience Creation/Festivalisation
What strategies were used to deliver a smoother and more successful event experience to the client - organiser, venue, exhibitor and/or visitor?
3. Design Thinking
What revolutionary approaches did you explore in curating an event and its activities? What was the impact on the audience?
4. Change Management & Improvement
How did you improve your communication to organiser, venue, exhibitor, and/or visitor?

What kind of challenges did you overcome to deliver a positive outcome?
How did your client/customer (venue, organiser, exhibitor or visitor) benefit from the improvements?
How have projects improved since implementing your change management strategy?

5. Retention
How is your content/event/experience/venue of value add in terms of attraction to exhibitors/delegates and return visits?
6. Sustainability
Are there any sustainable practices or areas to improve sustainbility of your event, venue or product demonstrated?
What was the outcome and how would this encourage the industry to adopt sustainability in MICE?
7. Digitalisation
What purposeful technology adoption or new and innovative actions did you use and what was the impact on the event?

Nomination Process and Timeline

1. Nomination Period
Award nominations are open from 30 March to 26 May 2023, 5:00pm. Late entries will not be accepted.
Awards briefing session will be conducted on 2 separate sessions:
  • Session 1 - 14 April 2023, 2:00PM
  • Session 2 - 5 May 2023, 4:00PM
Participants may choose either session to join and understand the awards application process better. If interested, you may click on the Session 1 and Session 2 to RSVP.
2. Announcement of Finalists
Finalists will be announced on 21 June 2023.
3. Award Ceremony
Winners will be announced at the Singapore MICE Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on 27 July 2023. Click here to sign up for the Awards Ceremony.

Participants and Winners' Benefits

1. Winners will receive an award trophy and a certificate of recognition.
2. Finalists will receive a finalist certification of recognition.
3. All participants will receive a certification of participation.
Marketing and publicity such as congratulatory messages, interviews will be posted on our SACEOS website and social media channels for Singapore MICE Forum 2023.