SACEOS offers many events annually that are wide-ranging, including our signature events, webinars and dialogues. They are highly customized and designed to meet our memberships’ diverse needs and the various interest groups. Our events and series are generally comprised of thought leadership, networking, member product showcase, business matching, industry-specific events and dialogues with public agencies.

Some events are exclusive for SACEOS members only and are not open to non-members. However, we do on occasion make exceptions for a special VIP invitation to guests or prospective members. In the past, our flagship and signature events are usually held in our 5-Star hotel partner venues. In contrast, our closed-door sessions, talks, and seminars are typically held at smaller, more intimate partner venues.

Every year, we challenge ourselves with our two flagship events and a national-level student competition, pushing boundaries in technology, event architecture, and partnerships, and bringing together the MICE & Events community for thought- provoking discussions and knowledge sharing.

Here’s a brief overview of our signature events and series:

We created the Singapore
MICE Forum (SMF) to connect industry players, promote learning, and uncover emerging and evolving trends from forward-thinking MICE leaders and veteran practitioners.


The Singapore MICE Forum (SMF) returns in July 2024 – where Moments & Momentum converge to create a unique and unparalleled experience in our dynamic MICE industry!

Moments take centre stage as SMF highlights the significance of high touchpoints, the intricacies and experiences of an event, and the serendipitous moments that only events can deliver. Momentum swings the MICE industry to new heights, and celebrates the unwavering spirit of its community to continuously adapt and innovate.


It is a highly anticipated awards for the MICE community, and winning an award is a coveted achievement and recognition of excellence in the industry.


The Singapore MICE Awards is an award by the industry for the industry to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of the MICE industry in Singapore. Beyond recognising excellence in MICE, the awards strive to build industry recognition and credibility, drive industry growth and development, inspire industry stakeholders to strive for excellence, and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.


Singapore MICE Challenge (SMC) is an initiative by SACEOS to connect with the younger audience who are currently majoring in fields that are MICE/Events related.


Held annually in conjunction with the Singapore MICE Forum, SMC is a nationwide challenge for all tertiary students majoring in MICE or Business Events, Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism related fields.
Singapore MICE Challenge evaluates competing teams on their knowledge and understanding of the MICE/Business Events industry. Participating teams must produce a realistic and competitive event proposal which will be evaluated by veteran MICE practitioners.

With invaluable connections, industry knowledge, and the support in the dynamic MICE landscape.


Looking to collaborate, learn and grow your business?

Members Connect offers a valuable networking opportunities for MICE professionals in Singapore. Explore potential collaborations with industry partners to expand the reach and access new markets through the event. Gaining new knowledge and expert-led panel seesions on the latest trends and best practices.