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iCompli Sustainability (iCompli) is a division of BPA Worldwide, the world's largest media audit company. A not-for-profit organisation established in 1931, BPA's audit services have expanded to include external assurance of government and industry standards and independent verification of companies' sustainability claims. Just as global brands have relied upon BPA for more than 80 years, iCompli can be trusted by corporate leaders to address their sustainability challenges and take performance to the next level.

iCompli works closely with SACEOS in a supporting role as the expert independent certification body by providing third-party assurance and certification services for leading global event sustainability standards to help shape the future of Singapore's meetings, conventions and events industry.



Basic Tier

Intermediate Tier

MICE Sustainability Certification (MSC) programme is an initiative by SACEOS. It is recognised that sustainability is the current trend and will be here to stay given the issues we are facing with global warming. SACEOS saw the increase in organisations attempting to practice sustainability, be it in their day to day office operations, or at the events. The results were however mixed.

To further raise awareness and encourage our industry to practice sustainability, SACEOS formed the Sustainability sub-committee in 2012 and officially launched the MSC programme in July 2016. These were all done to heighten the general awareness of how sustainability can aid to address the issues of global warming, but also how it can further align our businesses with industry trends and as a result, to gain more business.

Although there is an existing ISO standard for sustainability practices, significant amount of time, manpower and finance resources are required to put through the application. 90% of Singapore’s economy is made up of SMEs and we recognise that it can be a challenging task for them to attain the ISO accreditation. Thus, SACEOS developed the MSC programme to help organisations with limited resources to attain a locally recognised certification for sustainability.

Developed based on the Sustainability Guidelines which was first launched by the Singapore Tourism Board in 2013, the criteria of the MSC programme is aligned with the government’s sustainability plan. Currently SACEOS is offering this certification to local and foreign companies who are organising shows in Singapore in 2 certification tiers – Basic and Intermediate for 9 business sectors in the MICE & Events industry.

The 9 business sectors are:

1. Event Technology Providers
2. Venues 
3. Hotels 
4. Event Activity Organisers 
5. Exhibition, Conference, and Convention Organiser
6. F&B Caterers
7. Freight Forwarders 
8. Stand Contractors
9. Transportation Providers


For application, applicant has to submit an application form together with a customised submission form which has been individually curated for the 9 business sectors based on the following key components:

  1. Management approach
  2. Waste 
  3. Water
  4. Energy
  5. Community
  6. Human resources

For interested applicants, apply for our MICE Sustainability Certification now!

MICE Sustainability Certification Application Form

Alternatively, please email for any queries.



Upon applying for the MICE Sustainability Certification, the organisation is to select a the certification category and level of certification. Organisations are free to for either the basic tier and/or intermediate tier and are able to apply for as many categories as desired. 

The Basic Tier is a first level guide to local MICE industry members to implement an organised approach to adopting sustainability guidelines. It includes the core requirements which apply to all organisations. Compliance of the guidelines prepares industry members to integrate sustainability practices within their business activities in a systematic manner.

The Intermediate Tier is a second level guide to local MICE industry members to implement an organised approach to adopting sustainability guidelines on top of the basic guidelines. It includes additional performance requirements. Successful implementation of the guidelines will enable local MICE industry members to take a high level approach towards organising and supporting events in a sustainable manner.




3Rs ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

The MICE 3R Toolkit is an initiative of the MICE 3R taskforce comprising the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and members of the Singapore Association of Conference and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) to provide guidance on 3R initiatives for the MICE industry. 

Providing practical guidelines on planning and implementing sustainable initiatives in the MICE industry, find out more with the MICE 3R Toolkit by clicking on the banner below.






 For more information on the MSC programme, email




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